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AN NFT for Biology Science and Civilization

Mr MCurator
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During the prepromotion period, 150 "Mr MCurator" artworks will be released to opensea. In order to keep the value of NFTs stable, the project artist painted 150 NFT "Mr MCurator" limited digital avatars. Users can purchase the pre-NFT works to obtain exclusive authorities afterwards, including but not limited to user discounts on the exhibits in the virtual museum, that is, the ''Visual Museum'', and obtaining additional special vouchers, etc.

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Make Your Own NFTs

Featuring Illustration, 3D drawing, realistic style, brand new NFT concept. Creating a new Virtual Reality universe. Join us now, explore with us an innovating world of scientific knowledge forged in NFTs.

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We are building a unique world full of utilities and contents for people who love specimens and nature. With this objective we created an NFT ecosystem based on scientific stuff. Let us create this world together!


• Release the visualization of the Mr MCurator NFT avatar collection, these will be verified as an absolute access identity to the Visual Museum metaverse.


• Engineer team building "THE ARK" for the whole major Visual Museum and its' ecosystem. Provides an All-in-one user trading and management platform.


• Once a proportion of Mr MCurator NFTs are sold, we'll have the team to launch our works on Visual Museum.

• Premium users with early access to the Visual Museum and direct discussion with our development team, other privilege such as discount for members to access to THE ARK contents.


• Our team will be focusing on the development of Visual Museum, which will be integrated on THE ARK platform, where our members possess NFTs as in-game VIP pass and earn free tokens, even create your own customized personal museum.

OUR Mr MCurator NFTs 

Mr MCurator


Making the most useful standouts of popular NFT.


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New NFTs and specimens
posts - weekly.

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The Visual Technology Museum itself is an extension of the integrated NFT trading platform (THE ARK), using the concept of meta-universe to build an academic-led virtual world. Therefore, the main target group is targeting collection enthusiasts above the middle class.

All the global professional & amateur collectors are given a way to share their collections. As for the required space, based on this topic, the Visual Technology Museum provides a virtual space for everyone to trade, communicate, share, customize, and simulate private environments.

Users can choose to pay to achieve rewards other than uploading NFTs, increasing user consumption and trading rates on the platform. Rather than advertising the freewheeling origin metauniverse, "THE ARK Project with its' Visual Museum" can clearly reflect a realistic world focusing mainly on education, commerce, and entertainment.