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We are a company specializing in virtual reality (VR). In the past 5 years, we have successfully achieved certain results in virtual reality, augmented reality (AR), and technological marketing solution.

.Our main focus is to enhance virtual reality to be photorealistic. and optimized costs compared to traditional commercial marketing. Currently, we have successfully launched products in cooperation with customers, and are favored by customers in the Americas. Our team is based in Brazil, Germany, India, and Taiwan. 


With Acalerate profession and experience, we are able to achieve a bold and fantastic idea. Acalerate team decided to use VR technology and our engineering forces to forge a brand new NFT model ecosystem. It is an innovative combination of :


[THE ARK] - The NFT Trading and management platform


[Vision Technology Museum] - where your ARK NFT transform into all sorts of valuable knowledge


You all know "Wikipedia", right ? 

Imagine that all editors on Wikipedia can create An NFT that converts their academic contributions into realistic models and items, with massive knowledge and economic value. All that can be achieved through [THE ARK] and [Vision Technology Museum].

Want to know more about our company? 

Please request company slides through mail


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