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Our Service

By going through the services, you will understand how everything works, as well as what Acalerate offer you, in this amazing virtual NFT world. 

ARK NFT = 3D Model + Knowledge

Every single ARK NFT, created by all the users on our ARK platform, in bounded with a decent 3D model and/or revealing a certain degree of knowledge and information regarding the NFT item. 

Create your own limited ARK NFTs

All the ARK NFTs can be multiplied to a limited copies when they are created. One of the copies will always go to the central museum (permanently stored, untradeable), others can be collected or traded willingly by their creator/current owners.

Central & Private Virtual Museum

The ARK platform has its' own central museum, managed by the Acalerate team directly.


All the users in the ARK may also create their own virtual museum, providing everyone visiting the platform a massive options of museum tourism.

Ticket and monthly pass for museum 

Just like visiting any museum, the visitors (whether an ARK user or not) ought to buy the ticket or monthly pass that will allow them to visit ARK central museum or other private museums created by the ARK users. 

Mr Mcurator Avatar NFT

As for our prepromotion supporters who purchases Mr MCurator, they will be granted a certain privileges when using THE ARK and the Visual Museum, as long as they are the current owner who hold these avatar NFT identities.

Scientific and educational Bundles

For the global scientific and educational organizations, our team always offers an exclusive bundle that contains a great amount of high quality NFTs, which are suitable for their research purposes, offering them a nearly unlimited access to the bundled NFT data.

A Thorough NFT Ecosystem

All the above services are made for one purpose, that is to make our NFT ecosystem the one that can be continuously encouraging users to provide their personal collections from the nature or human civilization.

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